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CEO’s Greetings

Thank you very much for visiting Sometech’s web-page. Based on 3D and optical technology with optimized to users, we Sometech will implement communication with users through the technology under the management philosophy of "Creating world-class product”.

We will make utmost efforts to Research & Development for convenience and safety of each doctors and patients by our 3D medical vision system.

We, Sometech launched 3D laparoscopy system and 3D surgical microscope system first in Korea and the world based on utmost efforts of technology development. World medical markets are concentrated on our progressive technology.

We’ll continuously challenge not only domestic market but also world market as a leading company of 3D field. And also becomes global leading company by accumulation of technology and developing new concept medical devices.

We promise to be a company who create new market and lead the change and innovation by technology development. Thank you very much for visiting our web-page once again.

CEO Hee Bong, Yang