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Title Sometech's Company Background
Date 2016.01.23 Hit 916

Company Background


The 3D Microscopy business group at Sometech is the world's only manufacturer. The company's extensive portfolio enables research and routine applications in the life and materials sciences.


Their product range includes 3D laparoscopy, Surgical devices, Medical devices, Aesthetic devices such as laser & diathermy and industrial microscopy. Users are supported for software for system control, image capture and editing.


Sometech 3D Microscopy has sales companies to world wide. Application and service specialists support customers around the globe in demo centres and on site.


The business group is headquartered in Seoul Korea. Additional production and development sites can be found in U.S.A, Europe, Asia, Middel East and Africa. The company has around 100 employees and generates revenue of 200 million USD in the future, and prepare to list of KOSDAQ on 2016.

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