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Medical Vision System

Surgical Endoscopy System



  • Optimal Image Quality with the Resolution Control
  • User can adjust the resolution depending on the monitor ratio and see crystal clear images projected in the screen.
  • Auto Save & Info Management (Up to 16-part screen display)
  • Dr.Camscope allows simultaneous view of multiple picture without a need to worry about the loss of captured data.
    A selection of captured images is avaliable for comparison, and a selected image can be enlarged from 2 times to 8 times with Zoom control.
  • HD quality image with HD CCD image sensor
  • HD quality image is realized by HD CCD image sensor and this HD image is transferred into your monitor through HDMI out, which makes it possible to see clearer image than the image of old CCD image sensor & VGA out.
  • 18W LED Lamp loaded (1.2 times brighter than Halogen type)
  • 18W LED Lamp is brighter than 100W Halogen Lamp. It has 6500 K color temperature nearly same with natural light, which makes it possible to realize cleaer image than Halogen lamp. Its life span is 30,000 hours and it used low power with 18W, so it is more energy efficient than Halogen or HID lamp.
  • HDMI Outputs
  • Users can display images on a larger screen through HDMI cable.
  • Easy Connection with PC / Laptops
  • DCS Pro light source can be easily connected to a computer via USB 2.0. Users can save digital data on a computer.
  • GUI control with Mouse
  • convenient and easy saving, viewing and menu setup with Mouse.
  • Auto Light on-off
  • Thanks to Auto Light On-Off function, the light source automatically tums on or goes into standby mode when the Camera Probe connects to/ detaches from the Holder.

Main Unit

  • Video colposcope (DCS-102  Pro) 
  • Video rectoscope (DCS-103R  Pro)
  • Endoscopic camera system (DCS-103E  Pro)
  • Video otoscope (DCS-104T  Pro)
  • Video dermascope (DCS-105  Pro)
  • Video irisscope (DCS-106  Pro)
  • Video scope for optician (DCS-108  Pro)

Unified applications with various accessories