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Aesthetic Devices



  • Convenient and safe laser medical irradiator
  • You can set the time and intensity at your comfort
  • Classy design and compact design for easy storage
  • SHC-210 can comes with the travel bag which makes easy to travel
  • Simple and easy usage
  • SHC-210 can be used just about anywhere and everywhere. Simple charge via cable can be made if charge is needed
  • Effective as a pain reliever
  • IT can ease the pain by applying laser onto the scalp which gives a shooting effect


Rated voltage   • Charging battery : DC 3.7V, 700mAh(charging time: about 2~3H)
 Charging adaptor : AC220V, 50~60Hz/DC 5V, 1000mA
Main body Laser
irradiation part
• Laser type : Semiconductor laser
• Laser class : Class IIIR
• Laser output : 5mW(x2ea)
• Laser wavelength : 650nm
• Laser output type : Pulsed type
Low frequency
stimulation part
• Output frequency : 9.6KHz
• Output voltage : min 27.5Vp~max 41.0Vp(+/-25%)