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Video Microscope System



  • Unbeatable and stereo image
  • 410,000 pixel hyper-sensitive 1/3" SONY Super HAD CCDTM camera provides a clear and stereo image on a monitor without an eyepiece lens. It can minimize eye's tiredness and bring maximum work efficiency.
  • Convenient Image- saving by PC, precise Used by IT Plus 4.0 S/W
  • measurement and easy editing after inspection After various inspection by Video Microscope System, you can easily save, measure and edit the images with the help of compatibility with software.
  • Easy image saving and processing
  • You can easily capture the image to store by Memory / Live button on camera probe or foot switch on main unit after inspection. It supports the process of the saved images conveniently after saving them.
  • Memory function in main unit
  • Without using computer, you can save up to 4 images inside of main unit and display them as one or four frames on the screen. It helps you to compare and analyze the image easily on the screen.
  • Various Magnification Lenses
  • With X80 standard lens and optionally from X40, X100 to X800 lens for normal lens and X2400 high magnification lens with adaptor.
  • Contact type/Non-contact type
  • Not only do you inspect a fixed sample image on a stage viewer as non-contact way but you also inspect product surfaces without samples by contacting the hand piece directly on them.
  • Various lightings by stage viewer
  • Cold light is emitted from various angles, such as, from top of your sample, from side of your sample or from bottom of your sample. You can select lighting type as you want. Also cold light of stage viewer shows you clean image.



Image Sensor 1/3" color Sensor
Effective Pixels
NTSC : 768 (H) X 494 (V) / PAL : 752 (H) X 582 (V)
12V/100W halogen lamp
Light intensity Adjustable (0~100W)
Dimension 209 (W) X 250 (D) X 101 (H)
Power supply 110 / 220 VAC, 50 / 60Hz
Output signal Composite : 1EA , S-Video : 1EA
Frame capture 4 frames (Memory type)
Memory display Single display, quad display(Memory type)
Horizontal resolution 460 TV line
Signal Process Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
AGC / White balance Auto
Min illumination 2 Lux
Cable Power cable & Optic fiber