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Discontinuous line

Surgical Devices



  • Automatic output power control with impedance monitoring
  • By measuring impedance between electrode and patient plate, the bigger impedance is the bigger output power is automatically so that the first output power(watt) stays steady during whole of surgery.
  • Patient plate Monitoring
  • The system rings the alarm in case patient plate is disconnected from device.
  • 300W high-powered surgical unit
  • Applicable to various surgical operations with max 300W
  • Cutting, Coagulation and Bipolar modes
  • This system has so various output modes, two cutting modes (pure cut, blend cut), two coagulation modes (contract, spray) and Bipolar mode that doctors can do their operation with these various output modes.
  • Pure cutting and powerful coagulation
  • Its coagulation power control and pure cutting function minimizes unexpected spark discharge to prevent tissue damage.
  • Spray coagulation function
  • To make operation shortened by stopping or clogging the bleeding quickly
  • Triple foot switch and Hand probe switch
  • Easy mode change during surgery: Cut, Coagulation and Bipolar mode by Triple foot switch and Cut/Coagulation mode by hand probe switch
  • Various types of patient plates
  • Changeable patient plate according to doctor's needs
  • Touch Screen
  • 8.0" color LCD with touch screen for doctor's convenience